Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gingerlicious: the comeback

Some months ago, I wrote about my crush with ginger and specially The Ginger People products. At that time I was kind of disappointed because of the small selection of these products available in Toronto. Well, that has changed!

I just found out that Winners and HomeSense (two of my favourite stores for their good deals) carry the brand! But you have to remember, these stores specialize in bringing you the best products with the lowest prices, so the selection you’ll find is not steady and it will be just about luck to find what you are looking for. The day I was there I found, cookies, cooking sauces and crystallized ginger chips.

I decided to buy the Ginger Lemon Grass Sauce which is great with rice, veggies and shrimp (if you are a meat eater). My second choice was the Ginger Peanut Sauce which is the perfect touch for some delicious Asian noodles. Their flavours are so right that you don’t have to use the whole bottle to get the kick you want. Just a tablespoon will make the trick!

So now you know where to find The Ginger People products and become a ginger addict just like me!

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