Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hot vegan!

This last Thursday I finally made it to the Hot Yam! Two of our best friends had been inviting us since a long time ago to enjoy some delightful vegan food at this original concept hosted by the University of Toronto’s students. Everyone involved is a volunteer and they do these lunch parties once a week, every Thursday to be more precise. The food is mostly local, mostly organic and ENTIRELY vegan and you can enjoy it for only 4 bucks!

The lunch is served from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and don’t be late cause besides the huge lineup the food goes fast. That day they were sold out by 1 p.m., oh yes! I just loved the sense of community of the event; everyone saying hi, open to try new flavours and probably to eat in a different way for the first time (don’t forget it’s yummy vegan food: no meat, no dairy, no animal fat, just creative veggies and spices!).

That day the menu consisted of Borscht (a super delicious and unique Ukrainian beet cold soup, definitely the winner of the day!); kale, rice and nori (a combination of rice with cabbage and seaweed); carrot and white bean salad; and a plum crisp.

This community is so giving that they even share their recipes on their blog in case you loved something and you want to try it at home. Thank you Val and George for this great tip, we’ll be definitely going back soon and I’ll probably even volunteer! This was a great and different way to spend a Thursday afternoon, eating healthy and having lots of fun.

Hot Yam
International Student Centre
33 George St.
Toronto, ON

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