Friday, August 20, 2010

Love is in the earth...

On my last birthday my very good friend Val not only wrote some very special words to me but she also gave me an incredible present: a Grow-A-Note card! These cute cards are made with recycled paper that has a variety of wildflower seeds embedded which apparently will grow just about anywhere! The paper is supposed to recycle naturally into the soil as the seedlings grow, isn’t that cool?

Well, as you have already read in some past posts, I’ve had a crazy year. So winter was gone, spring came, summer is almost gone and I haven’t had the chance to plant my card. But then, an idea came to my mind! Sadly (for me), Val is moving to the west-coast so what better gift to say good-bye than a Grow-A-Note Card! In this way, next spring we’ll both plant our cards and these beautiful flowers will remind us of the incredible and nurturing friendship that we’ve had for the last 6 years. I think the power of love of those written words will act like magic fertilizer bringing the most amazing blooms.

We usually forget how the paper industry affects the environment. How important it is to avoid buying unnecessary products made out of paper and when buying them checking that they come from recycled sources. The excessive harvesting of trees is one of the most worrying problems that have to be addressed and solved. Trees are a synonym of oxygen, clean air and less pollution, so we have to protect them!

These eco-friendly cards are handmade in San Diego, California by the Green Field Paper Company and you can find them at Grassroots, a store in The Annex specialized in environmental products.

So let people know how much you care about them and literally spread love in the EARTH!
Dedicated to Val, one of the most beautiful souls I've met who has profoundly impacted my life!

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  1. Small little ways where we can go green and get eco friendly and help the environment feel better.There is a need to do it for the earth is polluted beyond levels.