Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cool memories

What could be better than an ice-cream on a hot summer day? Well, to eat one that besides refreshing you would bring back the coolest memories of your childhood!

Of course, I have my favourite ice-cream and gelato spot in Toronto called Ed’s Real Scoop. They have from the ordinary vanilla to the extravagant spicy chocolate, but this time I was delighted by something out of my freezer: the Sprinkle Party Cake Ice Cream from President’s Choice Ice Cream Shop.

Today at the supermarket I saw this vintage and colourful display full of ice-cream containers with flavours you could only find in a fair, an ice-cream truck or a Mom and Pop shop parlour: Bubble Gum Candy, Banana Split, Rainbow, Cotton Candy, Tiger Tail, and Marshmallow Chocolate Swirl, among others.

I decided to try the Sprinkle Party Cake, a vanilla ice-cream with vanilla icing ripple, pound cake pieces and coloured candy sprinkles. It was yummy and like a time machine it transported me to the ice-cream shop I used to go when I was little. We used to call it “Yom, Yom” I’m not even sure if that was the real name of the parlour but I remember my mother taking us there every time we would get good notes. My brother and I standing on tiptoes choosing from coloured ice-creams that my mother would never eat because of their radioactive appearance and strange flavours (LOL)! Our favourite was an explosive purple coloured ice-cream with a grape bubble gum flavour for which I would yell: “El de uvita por favor” (“The grapy one please!”).

The memories were as real as the pieces of pound cake in my ice-cream and they reminded me of the incredible brother I have and the amazing experiences we’ve shared together (I can’t forget his happy face while having his favourite dessert, PRICELESS!).

So after this delicious experience I would say that once in a while it’s not a bad idea to substitute your grown-up favourite gourmet gelato for a childish Bubble Gum ice-cream. You could be amazed by the after taste!

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  1. Se te olvidaron los de "Espumita"... Jajajajaja "The foamy ones"... No? :P

    En la plaza donde estaba "La Comer" de Valle Drogado... Jajajaja Ahora bien rotuladas como "MultiPlazas" y que tal los Danesa 33 en cascos de Tocho/Americano???