Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since some weeks ago I have these new friends that go with me everywhere and they not only sweeten my life but they spice it up! I’m talking about The Ginger People chews. This delicious brand offers an extensive variety of ginger products that go from candy (like my new best friends) to sauces.

I have to confess that some years ago I wasn’t a huge fan of ginger. I think my first approach to it was when I started eating sushi and I have to say that even with that “girly” pink colour I could never fall in love with it! But it was until I moved to Canada that I started learning from other cultures and educating my palate into new flavours. That’s how I started loving things that I never thought I would, like tea, soymilk, sparkling water or pepper.

A few days after my obsession with ginger chews started I decided to do some research about this amorphous root and I couldn’t believe all the benefits it has! Ginger can not only be used as a spice but it also has curative properties. Experts (naturopaths, herbalists and doctors) say that it can boost your immune system since it’s loaded with virus-fighting substances. It promotes digestion, lowers cholesterol, purifies the pancreas, gives cardiovascular protection and is an energy tonic. It also has an anti-nausea property that is excellent for motion sickness, pregnant women or people undergoing cancer treatments.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory components called gingerols which inhibit an enzyme that causes inflammation so you can say goodbye to headaches, menstrual discomfort and arthritis. It works just like Ibuprofen but without the side effects (wow!). One of the best parts is that it has anticancer properties that have shown to destroy colon, ovarian, and rectal cancer cells (could you believe that?)

So after knowing all this I could only think about having as much ginger as I could! So I got some fresh roots that I’ve been adding to salad dressings, shakes and soups (with small amounts you get tons of flavour). Now I’m also fan of the ginger-honey green tea from President’s Choice, it’s delicious! Definitely my favourite are still The Ginger People chews which you can also find in unique combinations with apple or peanut. One of the reasons I love them is because they bring memories of my childhood since they somehow taste like “camotes” a Mexican type of candy original from the state of Puebla.

If you want to experiment with the magic root I really recommend you to visit The Ginger People website, they have a recipe section where you’ll find great ideas on how to include ginger in your daily diet. Try from a fun cocktail to a formal main dish. One of the ideas that I loved the most for “simple” was to replace sugar in your preferred tea for small chunks of crystallized ginger, it will make it sweet and when the tea is gone you’ll have some chewy rehydrated ginger to enjoy. Definitely the best!

I think I’ll tell my husband to pamper me with the Ginger Carrot Soup, the Halibut with Ginger Lemon Grass & Apple Couscous or the Key Lime Pie (my favourite dessert) with Gingersnap Crust. I’m looking forward to enjoying some of the last days of winter with a Hot Ginger Lemonade. If I’m lucky I’ll have it on a snowy day.

The Ginger People Company takes pride in being the most quality-oriented and environmentally conscious ginger producer in the world and when you try their products you cannot but agree with that statement. I’ve tried some other ginger products that are not as good as theirs. The only downside to this is that TGP products are not that easy to find in Toronto, you can only find a small selection of them in some health stores like Noah’s Natural Foods. But anyways, with the downsides and the highlights, the sweet and the hot, I’m having a blast with ginger in my life!

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  1. This is an awesome post! Ginger is indeed super powerful. My love for it, started with the ginger tea at Spring Rolls, I would usually take it when I had a sore throat. Now, I do the tea at home and it is great!