Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OrganiK ChoKolate...

Three years ago we met Colleen, she was a friend of a friend. She was starting her business, just like us. We shared some advice and mostly dreamt about the future of our new babies. But with all the craziness that originates from being a business owner we of course lost track!

Some weeks ago, my husband and I decided to walk the most popular neighbourhoods in Toronto. We started with Riverside and Leslieville where we found a creative, bohemian and very unique atmosphere (probably where our future home will be, we loved it!). After three or four hours of walking, thirsty and tired we noticed something familiar: Kakayo’s logo!

We couldn’t believe it! After three years of not knowing anything about this project, there it was! A really nice boutique at the border of Leslieville. Unfortunately it was closed so we had to save the craving for another day.

This last Sunday luck was on our side and Colleen was at the store. It was really nice to catch up and share our experiences.

Kakayo is an organic and fair trade company that offers handmade truffles and gelato. The place is an all white boutique with a cozy feeling. Colleen welcomed us with some samples of her truffles; we tried Pumpkin Pie and Green Tea Matcha. They were fresh and rich. After that, we had a vanilla, strawberry and rhubarb gelato that was also super yummy. And if all that sugar wasn’t enough we decided to have more of the Green Tea Matcha truffles followed by a Lavender and then a Mango Smoothie one. I have to say that my favourite was the Lavender while for my husband it was the Green Tea Matcha (he already asked me for a full box of these for his b-day! lol).

Kakayo thinks in everyone and has vegan and diabetic friendly options like their Banana Split, Ginger Pecan, Chai Masala or Noisette truffles. Their products do not contain any preservatives so they recommend eating them within 5 to 7 days of purchase.

Rule of thumb: If you decide to give them a try just don’t forget to have truffles from the simplest to the most complex flavours and to eat a maximum of five samples at one sitting so you can really enjoy and differentiate them.
Each truffle is $2.00 and they are packed in a super cute biodegradable takeout box!

It’s comforting to know that even when you’ll feel guilty of having all these calories at least you'll be eating an eco-friendly dessert. This is a place that would definitely make Willy Wonka JEALOUS!
http://www.kakayo.com/ * 1584 Queen St. East * Toronto, ON
Photos by: Vips

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