Monday, September 7, 2009

Life is short…

I just went to watch The Time Traveler’s Wife, and I have to give it thumbs up! I wasn’t expecting a lot, even when Rachel McAdams usually takes good projects, but it totally surprised me. The story is a good puzzle of events, while the photography, art and sets are well cared of and the most important thing is that it HAS a message. A message that made my hubby and I hug and kiss for 10 minutes nonstop! I think it was the alarm we were supposed to hear at this point in our lives. It reminded us how important it is to just live the moment and don’t magnify things that don’t have a solution or that in some years will not matter. We constantly live thinking about the future and the past and we usually forget how precious the present is when in fact, it is the only thing that we really have.

How many times have you desired to be able to go to the past and act differently or to go to the future and see what will happen if you do one thing or another? I’ve done it more than I should. But as my very good friend Lorraine would say: “Nothing we can do can change the past, but everything we do changes the future”. This movie made me look around and appreciate the many good things that I have and stop from giving so much power to the bad and sometimes not important or nonsense things. I hope this attitude lasts and I don’t get caught in the bad habits!

As a Torontonian it was a double pleasure since it was filmed at some places in Ontario including our city. The story supposedly happens in Chicago so Toronto was perfect for the camouflage. I couldn’t help jump of my seat when I saw Henry and Clare kissing in the park of the gothic St. James Cathedral (just in front of my home and where I always walk my dog)!!! OMG I was really disappointed of having had Eric Bana just steps away from my place and missing him, aaagggrrr! And I’m pretty sure my friend Natalia is going to be as disappointed as me cause there was another scene filmed just outside her High Park apartment.

Of course you can’t forget this is a movie based on a best seller novel so there will be tons of people saying that the book was much better (as it usually is) but hey, if you don’t have the time to read it, I think the movie delivers. And please, don’t go looking for a scientific answer on how a man can travel through time, just expect to flow with a great story of love (and believe me, not a cheesy one!).

A curious fact is that one of the last scenes makes reference to the cover art of one of the most popular editions of the book which features a young girl (visible only from mid-leg down) standing next to a brown pair of loafers in a field. You’ll now when you watch it.

I can only say: Life is short, don’t forget it (me included!). So live, love, laugh and enjoy every single detail like there’s no tomorrow. One second we’re here and the next we could be gone…


  1. So, it's all right, eh? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Por fin me pude ver la pelicula!!! Y me vine enseguida a leer otra vez tu blog...Que lindo amiga... Me ENCANTO (el blog y la peli por supuesto!! :-))..Tanta inspiracion....