Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feeling like a mermaid…

Some weeks ago I had the opportunity to enjoy not a cup of tea but a dip in a swimming pool of green tea. Wow, it was just delicious! One of my best friends decided to celebrate her b-day in a very unique way and we went to Body Blitz.

Body Blitz is a different type of spa where you can relax and detoxify your body (and I would say your soul as well). Their motto “health by water” says it all! This warehouse located in downtown Toronto offers a mix of pools, steam room, sauna and treatments that make you feel in aquatic heaven. I’m not a swimming pool person but I have to say that I loved this experience. In fact, I’m dreaming about my next visit.

I didn’t know that the word spa is an acronym from the Latin phrase “salus per aquam” (health through water) and at least in this place it makes total sense. Here you’ll find a variety of pools (sea salt, hot green tea and a cold plunge) that are complemented by an aromatherapy steam room and an infrared sauna. If this wasn’t enough you can enhance the experience by also getting treatments that go from body scrubs to massages.

For privacy reasons you cannot take pictures inside the place and even your mobile has to be off when you go in (I'm using their website pics). By crossing those doors, you will not only forget about time and real life but you’ll enter to a new world of femininity, peace and self love (this is an only women place). You can either go and have a quiet time for yourself or enjoy a fun moment with your girlfriends along with some healthy drinks from their juice bar.

After filling out a health form I received a body blitz tour where they showed me the locker and washroom area, the pools and the vanity room (a place out of a movie full of lights, mirrors and everything to make you look beautiful: hairdryers, hair straighteners, and personal care products). They provide you with clean robes, sandals and a set of towels. The question is: birthday suit or bathing suit? This is up to you! Most girls will opt for bathing suits but there will be others wearing just bathing suit bottoms. You can buy one in their retail area or bring your own but always keeping in mind that the waters may discolour it (mine was completely ok after the experience).

When I got there my friends were already having a chat in the warm sea salt pool so after having a shower (for hygiene reasons you have to shower first before starting the bathing ritual) I joined them. This pool was a relaxing and pleasing experience due to its 24 hydrotherapy jets that gently massage your body.

There is a recommended water circuit to follow where you will go from one place to another always having a rinsing shower and a minute in the cold plunge pool in between to keep your body temperature and heart rate at a healthy level.

We were so into the chat that we went straight from the pool to the steam room and for me it was hell! I had a mini panic attack. I couldn’t breathe, and I felt like I was burning inside. I only last about 30 seconds in there and went out to get some fresh air. At that point I doubted if this was going to be a nice experience, so I decided to have a rinsing shower and give it a second chance by starting the cycle all over again.

We all decided to start with the cold plunge, a really difficult and scary experience for many, fortunately not for me! The water was sooo cold that it felt like if you were just going into lake Ontario in a cold January morning. Some girls couldn’t make it the first time but I totally liked it. This balanced my temperature and made me enjoy the rest of the experience.

My second visit to the steam room was incredible and in fact I loved the aromatherapy oil (an eucalyptus-mint mix) that made my respiratory track feel in heaven and not in hell like the first time. The hot green tea pool was as delicious as it sounds and it was probably my favourite although I must confess that my guilty pleasure is the cold plunge, LOL! It’s shaking but refreshing.

After two hours of fun we decided to take off our mermaid tails and start getting ready to go back to reality. The experience made me eliminate toxins and polluting agents from my body as well as strengthen my immune system. All this feminine energy filled my heart with an inexplicable good vibe.

It’s definitely a must go place in the city of Toronto, the prices are fare and the good news is that they have a reduced price on Tuesdays. I’m thinking about making Body Blitz my once a month energy recharge routine. In addition to discovering that I have a mermaid soul the experience splashed my life in a very unexpected and positive way!

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